Secure washing machines with shock indicators to prevent shipping damage

How can I safeguard my washing machine with shock indicators during a move?

Smart washers are complex, and the risk of damage during transportation is ever-present due to the multitude of moving components. Elements such as the washing machine’s drum suspension, motor, sensors, and control panel are vulnerable to mishandling.

In our efforts to ensure the safe shipment of washing machines, we employ transit bolts, protective wrapping, and cushioning as our best practices. Nevertheless, shipping damage remains a common occurrence. This led us to reach out to implement shock indicators on all our shipments.

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How can shock indicators contribute to safeguarding washers from shipping damage during transit?

Shock indicators are a widely recognized tool for reducing shipping damage. Shipments equipped with these indicators are notably more conspicuous, alerting handlers in the supply chain to exercise greater care.

With the increasing adoption of shock indicators by shippers, most parties within our supply chain are well-versed in handling packages marked with these devices. When encountering an item affixed with a shock indicator, they prioritize careful processing to prevent activation. Given that these devices are single-use and tamperproof, there is no way to reset them. If inadvertently activated during handling, it serves as a clear signal to the handlers that they are under scrutiny and hold liability for any mishandling.

Furthermore, the monitoring system associated with these devices aids in pinpointing potential trouble spots within our supply chain. This valuable insight empowers us to make necessary improvements and work toward the goal of achieving zero loss in the near future.

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