Safeguard data center servers during shipping by utilizing shock indicators.

What makes it crucial to ensure the safeguarding of servers during transportation?

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Demonstrating our unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch products, we’ve observed a notable 20% increase in global server shipments. This growth serves as evidence of the rising popularity and demand for our offerings. Given the considerable cost and sensitivity of essential server hardware components, such as the main printed circuit board, processor, complex micro-circuitry devices, RAM, hard disk drive, GPU, and more, we prioritize the utmost care to protect them during transportation across extended distances.

Safeguard data center servers during shipping by utilizing shock indicators.
Safeguard data center servers during shipping by utilizing shock indicators.

In what way can shock indicators reduce the risk of shipping damage to servers during transit?

Despite our diligent packaging, our high-cost servers occasionally experienced damage, often discovered only when clients filed claims. Acknowledging our limited monitoring capabilities, we sought advice from shock indicators. We decided to give it a try and incorporating the shock indicators into all our shipments.

By utilizing the provided free samples, we successfully delivered products to clients without any visible or hidden damage. Prior to adopting shock indicators, damaged shipments were frequent, resulting in significant losses from reverse logistics, inspection, repair, and maintenance, impacting both finances and customer trust.

The prominent shock indicator labels serve as a valuable reminder to handlers, signaling their awareness of being monitored. This awareness encourages more careful handling, leading to a remarkable 79% reduction in shipping damage.

Even if freight damage does occur, the real-time monitoring system provided by shock indicators allows us to swiftly decide whether to recall products with potential damage. This proactive approach helps us preserve our business reputation and the trust we’ve painstakingly built with our customers.

shock indicators to enhance protection of your servers.

For businesses engaged in shipping products, we recommend implementing shock indicators to enhance shipment protection.

Ultimately, nothing surpasses the significance of maintaining a strong business reputation and the trust of your customers.