Shock Timer

Low Cost Electronic Shock Detector for Shipment Monitoring

  • NEW!! Low Cost, Disposable Shock Detector with Time-Stamp
  • Live LCD Time Display, Once Activated
  • Rough Handling “Freezes” the Clock
  • 4-Month Battery Life Once Activated
  • 6-Month Shock Time-Stamp Retention
  • Very Simple to Install and Activate
  • Built-inAlkaline Battery
  • Leightweight – 1.5 ounces


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Shock Timer, our new solid state electronic shock detector, logger and recorder, is a low cost, patented self contained battery operated monitoring device that includes a time stamp. Once installed and activated by the user, the Shock Timer, shock detector, logger and recorder, measures bi-axial shocks and impacts on the surface plane (product or shipping container) to which it is mounted.

If any shocks occur that exceed the trip level for the Shock Timer, shock detector, logger and recorder, then the clock stops, freezing the time point. This provides solid documentation of when excessive handling occurred and may correlate to in-transit damage. This information may also be used to assign liability for in-transit damage and possible evidence in legal claims against carriers for in-transit damage. This information can also be useful in identifying how or why rough handling took place, and lead to corrective actions to reduce damage in the future.

Other low cost shock indicators, loggers and detectors provide no date/time information. Accordingly it is difficult to use these indicators to assign liability and make it stick! The new Shock Timer provides the time information needed to know, when, where and who was responsible!

Select the G-Trip Level

Type Shock Level Model
Small shock 25G±20% (10 msec.) A-25
Medium shock 50G±20% (10 msec.) A-50

How to use Shock Timer Shock Detector, Logger and Recorder

Remove the sticker on the back and attach to the machine (product) or the outside of a package or shipping container. Shock Timer shock detector, logger and recorder, provides strong acrylic plastic adhesive so it can be attached to a wooden surface and will not fall off. After securely attaching the Shock Timer shock detector, logger and recorder, write the timer activation time on the line indicated, and start the timer. To start the timer, pull the white tab out and discard.


If you are installing Shock Timer shock detector, logger and recorder on the outside of a package, be sure to install it near a corner of the package for best shock detection results. If you are installing it on a container or within a palletized load, be sure to attach it onto a rigid structural member for best results. Avoid installing Shock Timer shock detector, logger and recorder in a location that may become very wet or have standing water (eg. floor of a sealed sea container).


  • If you did not install Shock Timer to your product, but to the package, the shock your product experiences may be different from the one the sensor experiences.
  • Shock Timer does not record the shock, only trips when the trip level is met or exceeded.
  • Shock Timer does not guarantee that your product will not be damaged in shipment.
  • Shock Timer is not waterproof or dustproof.
  • In case of malfunction of this product or any damages caused by using this product, IST will repair or replace the product but will not assume responsibility for any damages.

Additional information


Size : 4.7” x 4.1” x 0.5”
Weight : 1.5 ounces
Shock detection : Bi-axial, in x-y plane of mounting surface
Monitoring time : 2999 hours (125 days)
Hold time : 4000 hours (166 days)
Temperature range : 5ºF to 158ºF -15ºC to 70ºC
Term of validity : 1 year
Case : ABS resin
Adhesive : Acrylic adhesive
Battery : Alkaline battery (LR-43)