Tip N Tell

  • Activates when the bar is pulled from the centre of the device
  • White arrow becomes blue when tilted 80° from vertical
  • Size of label 70 x 95mm
  • Supplied with a self adhesive backing & companion labels
  • Can be nailed, screwed or stapled to consignment
  • Brightly coloured & highly visible
  • Once applied to the shipping container, the product cannot be tipped without evidence of mishandling
  • Ideal for export containers, internationally recognised device
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Tilt Monitor

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This complete warning system consists of two labels along with the Tip (N) Tell indicator. One label is affixed to the shipping container to explain the indicator’s function, while the other is attached to the bill of lading to give notice that the shipment is being monitored. The indicator itself is affixed to the container and registers if it has been tipped or overturned during shipment.

Tip N Tell is a brightly coloured device that product handlers quickly recognise. It includes a system of labels that warns all handlers of a monitoring device. The Tip N Tell can be mounted on the inside or outside of your shipment.

The tip and tell indicator is activated by pulling the bar in the centre of the device. Attach it to either your product or shipping container by removing the liner on the back to expose the adhesive. You may also attach the tip and tell labels by nailing or stapling it to the container. If your product is tipped slightly less than 90 degrees or beyond, the clear arrow becomes permanently blue. Your customer can then immediately check for damage.

Packed in 100 per box.

Additional information


Material : Polystyrene
Type : Single angle 45°
Color : Red
Dimension : 9.8 cm x 7 cm
Thickness : 1 mm
Temperature range : -40°F / -40°C to 140°F / 60°C
Monitor range : 360° both inside and outside
Induction type : Environmental friendly blue powder (looks like sand)
Inversion indicator : YES