Tip and Tilt Indicator

Tip and Tilt Indicator gives indisputable evidence of mishandling when the object must remain upright and cannot be tipped.

When the tilt indicators detect more than 80 degrees or less, they can stick to your packaging and turn from silver to red. The tip and tilt indicator allows shippers to highlight irresponsible handling in the supply chain, as well as identify possible hidden damage items and reduce supply chain claims. It can also alert the receiver to inspect the items.

To avoid tampering and to authenticate the legitimacy of the indication, the serial number ensures that your goods have been meticulously tracked from warehouse to destination.

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Tip N Tell Red

Tip N Tell

The arrow point will be blue when the indicator is tilted in a plane. Original manufacturer direct supplies assure the best price and unnecessary cost of shipping.

TiltMonitor tip n tell indicator 1

Tilt Monitor Tip and Tell Indicator

The arrow point will be blue when the indicator is tilted in a plane. Widely used in most countries. Competitive price with approved quality.

TiltWatch XTR New Version

Tiltwatch XTR Indicator

TiltWatch XTR turns red if the container is affixed to tips on its side or is completely upended. Shockwatch TiltWatch will not activate under aircraft take-offs.

TiltWatch - best way to monitor goods that must remain upright

Tiltwatch Plus Indicator

Tiltwatch Plus is upgraded from Tiltwatch XTR. The brand originates from Shockwatch. They successfully developed in the tilt monitoring field.


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