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ShockWatch Labels Impact Indicators attach conveniently to your fragile shipment to detect and record impact, shock, and mishandling of products during transportation. It also reduces costs by indicating bright red when an impact occurs over the set g force.

ShockWatch have an omnidirectional impact response.

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ShockWatch vs Impact Label


What does a ShockWatch do?

ShockWatch Labels Impact Indicators visually deter mishandling and reduce damage-related costs to your products, indicating when the packaging has been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage. ShockWatch impact labels are tamperproof, mechanically activated devices. They turn bright red when an impact occurs over the g force threshold of the ShockWatch label. ShockWatch Impact Labels have an omnidirectional impact response. ShockWatch Labels impact indicators offer an economical solution to prevent damage during product transit and reduce your damage-related costs. Over 7 million ShockWatch labels are used each year.

How do shock indicator labels work?

A shock indicator labels are tamperproof, mechanically activated device that contains a vial of red dye. A package, to which a ShockWatch sticker has been attached and to which force has been applied, will indicate that mishandling has occurred by the label’s indicator turning a bright red color.

How do you read a ShockWatch indicator?

The wide range of ShockWatch indicators are not indicators of damage, they are an indicator of mishandling. If a package has not been mishandled, the circular indicator in the center of the ShockWatch Label will remain white. If the package has been dropped, the indicator will show full or partial red coloration. Any red in the ShockWatch indicators window alerts receivers to inspect the package for any potential damage. When a shipment arrives at a destination with an activated ShockWatch Label, the receiver should immediately note any visible damage to the shipment. Open the package and inspect for any damage to the goods.

Each g shock indicator has a corresponding “G”, which means that when the indicator is subjected to a shock acceleration that exceeds the G value number, the indicator will start to become red. The larger the number is, the greater the shock force required. (Ref: What Is『G』 Of Shock Watch Indicator? How Do You Use?)


How do you use ShockWatch Label?

Simply place the shockwatch label on a flat surface of the item being handled. ShockWatch labels can detect mishandling no matter where the label is placed on the item. However, placement at the corner is recommended for the best sensivity.

How do you select a Shock Watch Stickers?

Shock Watch stickers are available in five sensitivities (g forces), as indicated by the five different colors. This should be done according to any non-operating shock specifications that the product may have. Or, select a ShockWatch Label based on the shipment size (m³) and weight (kgs) of your shipment from our ShockWatch stickers Selection Guide or the useful online ShockWatch indicator selection guide below.


What is the ShockWatch Price?

The ShockWatch price is up from $2.5 to $5, which varies based on order quantity. The Shock Watch Stickers require well-packaging and protection to prevent shipping damage because the product is always live, which means the ShockWatch label is possibly to be activated due to detection during shipment. With years of experience, our team will recommend the best and most economical package for you.

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Shock Watch Stickers Accessories

ShockWatch Companion labels and alert tape requires additional cost. We also recommend Shockindicator whose companion labels are free. *Please take a screenshot of this special offer when sending an inquiry to us, otherwise the companion label will be charged extra.


Additional information


Sensitivity range : 25 – 100G
Impact duration : 0.5 – 50ms
Tolerance : ±15% at 20°C, 1 ATM
Operating temperature : -25°C to 80°C
Weight (varies by sensitivity) : ~2.37g
Dimensions : 96.52mm x 96.52 mm
Security : Tamperproof, Serialized (optional)
Adhesive : Acrylic
Product life : 2 years when stored at 20°C, 1ATM
Storage recommendations : 20°C, 1 ATM, 0-99% RH Non-condensing
Customization : Private logos available. Minimum quantity applies