Shockindicator is a new brand name made by the original manufacturer of shock indicators. Quality and competitive price are assured by the original manufacturer.

Reduce damage-related costs to your products by indication of mishandling, to check whether your shipment is subjected to concealed impact damage during transit or storage. Shockindicators labels have an omnidirectional impact response.


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Shockindicator indicates possible damage during transit.

A highly visible Shockindicator, represents extra care required, indicates when an excessive impact occurs that can potentially damage products.

Shockindicator is composed of backing paper, shock sensor and sticker. The sensor is filled with red liquid. When your shipment is under normal situation, liquid keeps still. Otherwise, violent shock and impact exceeds its G value, then impact breaks the surface tension of liquid and releases liquid. Your customers and handlers clearly see the mark refers to shock and impact that have occurred.

Shockindicator labels are mechanically activated devices that glow bright red when impacted.


Which Shockindicator to use?

  1. Determine the Volume of your shipping container in cubic feet ( height*width*depth )
  2. Determine the total weight, including the item shipping, all packing material and the shipping container itself

Selection Guide

Choose the G value you need according to the volume and weight of goods.
Green=100G Orange=75G Red=50G Purple=37G Yellow=25G

Shockindicator selection guide


Expected Activation of Height

L-30=100G L-35=75G L-47=50G L-55=37G L-65=25G

Shockindicator expected drop height

Additional information


Sensitivity range : 25 – 100G
Impact duration : 0.5 – 50ms
Tolerance : ±15% at 20°C, 1 ATM
Operating temperature : -25°C to 80°C
Dimensions : 97mm x 97 mm
Security : Tamperproof, Serialized (optional)
Adhesive : Acrylic
Product life : 2 years
Manufacturer: Shockindicator

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