Drop N Tell

  • Use to tell if your package has suffered a severe drop or shock.
  • Detects potential damage by activating when a pre-set level of G-force is exceeded on impact
  • Will not activate before use
  • Supplied with adhesive backing and companion labels
  • Can be applied to consignment with nails or screws
  • Highly visible visual deterrant

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The Drop-n-Tell will indicate whether your parcel was dropped or not. Once the package has exceeded its G-Range, 2 black arrows appear on the device. The Drop-n-Tell acts as a preventive care product by alerting shippers and handlers that this package is fragile and is being monitored by displaying the Drop-n-Tell label, which is to be placed on your package as a warning. The shipping indicator can be placed on your package by removing the protective paper off the back of the drop-n-tell exposing the adhesive, which can then be placed on your package to properly secure the drop-n-tell and the future of your package.

The device comes in six G ranges, from 5 to 100, and can be reset up to 50 times. Each indicator comes with a two-part label. The first is affixed to the shipping carton and announces that Drop (N) Tell is present on your shipment, and the second affixes to the bill of lading or other shipping documents.

25 sets per case.


Both resettable and non-resettable Indicators available in the following G-Forces:


Range Recommended Use
5G Very Sensitive
10G Sensitive/Fragile Items
15G Fragile Items
25G Eletronic Equipment
50G Sturdy Electronic Equipment
100G Heavy Products


Drop N Tell Selection Guide:

Drop N Tell 表格英

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Color : Red
Primary Material : Plastic
Size 7/8 in. X 2 in.
Quantity : 25