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The TiltWatch XTR tilt indicator range is a single-use tip indicator designed for detecting tilted or overturned shipments during transit. ShockWatch tilt indicators show whether a shipment has been turned on its side that exceeds a predetermined level.

When attached to a package, the TiltWatch XTR turns red if the package is tilted past 80°. TiltWatch XTR will not activate under normal handling conditions or aircraft take-offs. Easily monitor your shipments for damage due to excessive tilting.


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What is TiltWatch XTR? What is TiltWatch?

The TiltWatch XTR single-use tilt indicator detects and monitors unacceptable tilting goods that must remain upright. TiltWatch indicators turn from silver/green to RED once applied to the package overturned or tilted over 80°, which provides indisputable evidence of mishandling. The ShockWatch tilt indicator remains unaffected by movement resulting from normal handling conditions and aircraft takeoff angles.


How do I use TiltWatch XTR?

Hold TiltWatch XTR in an upright position. Once the adhesive liner is removed, the TiltWatch XTR is armed. Removal of the adhesive backing activates the TiltWatch XTR. Simply place the TiltWatch labels on each adjacent flat surface of the item being handled. ShockWatch TiltWatch can detect tip degrees where the label is placed on the item. Placement at the corner is recommended for the best monitoring.


How do you read a Tilt Watch?

Tilt Watch has an indicator in a single unit. Middle window indicates the 80 degrees of tilt. Silver or Green means “NO ACTIVATION” while RED means “ACTIVATION” and “EXCEEDS 80 degrees of tilt.” Green or Silver depends on the version you have in your hands.

When a shipment arrives at a destination with an activated Tilt Watch label, the receiver should immediately note any visible damage to the shipment. Open the package and inspect for any damage to the goods.

TiltWatch XTR Activated TiltWatch Unactivated
TiltWatch XTR Activated TiltWatch Unactivated


How does TiltWatch work?

The single-use Tilt Watch indicators have a gravity device and fixed-angle side slopes on both right and left sides. The working principle is as same as you play pinball. When cargo tilts over 80°, the gravity device rolled along the slopes until falls off the slope. The middle window changes from the color of the gravity device(silver) to the background color(red).


ShockWatch Tilt Indicators Program

Once applied to the shipping container, the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling. The TiltWatch XTR and TiltWatch Plus are reliable and economical solutions to deter damage to goods in transit caused when goods are tilted or overturned during the journey.

Success of the ShockWatch Program is measured by a reduction in damage. Preventing mishandling is the key to damage reduction. In order to prevent mishandling, communication with everyone in the supply chain is key.


What is the TiltWatch XTR Price?

The TiltWatch XTR price is up from $2 to $4, which varies based on order quantity. Different from ShockWatch Label, The Tilt Watch tilt indicators are armable as removal adhesive backing, which means normal handling conditions are accepted. With years of experience, our team will recommend the best and most economical package for you.

Please email us alice@shockwatchlabels.com or Contact Us for special prices or free expert packaging advice.


ShockWatch Tilt Indicators Accessories

TiltWatch Companion Labels and Alert Stickers are recommended for use with the TiltWatch XTR as additional tools that increase the visibility or the handling requirements of your package. The TiltWatch XTR is applied to the Companion Label is applied to the shipment. ShockWatch tilt indicator Companion labels require additional cost. We also recommend Tiltindicator whose companion labels are free. *Please take a screenshot of this special offer when sending an inquiry to us, otherwise the companion label will be charged extra.

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Operating Temperature : – 40°C to +60°C
Humidity Tolerance : 5% to 99% non-condensing
Size : 7.4 cm x 6.9 cm x 0.5 cm
Activation Angle : 80° +/-5% from vertical**
Monitoring Range : Single plane
Composition : Rigid polystyrene housing with stainless steel indicator
Installation : Pressure sensitive adhesive or holes to accommodate screws, nails, and staples
Adhesive : 2 mil high tack acrylic
Shelf Life : 2 years from date of sale