《2021》What Can Shockwatch FRID Help?

ShockWatch RFID do not need the battery, it has a mechanical indicator and an RFID chip, that harvests energy from the UHF interrogation of the tag in order to transmit a unique ID and notice if a shock event has occurred. Shockwatch FRID is designed for package tracking with ShockWatch RFID sensor. In this article we’ll be exploring what Shockwatch can help you with!

What is Shockwatch RFID ?

Unlike bar-code scanning, RFID tracking stickers do not require line-of-sight scanning. Passive RFID tags transmit information in the presence of a reader. The reader that decodes the signal can be placed in a fixed position, such as a wall or handheld device. Since radio signals can be received from a long distance, assets can be scanned automatically. It helps to reduce working hours for tracking items and save the cost of replacing untraceable assets.

The main benefits of technology and automation in manufacturing are increased productivity and efficiency. This is exactly what RFID asset management provides. With passive RFID tags, you can read twenty or more tags at a time instead of scanning one item at a time. It depends on the number of devices in the system. During inbound and outbound shipments, products can be processed in batches. Such operational efficiencies will eliminate bottlenecks, improve inventory accuracy.

What is RFID?

Shockwatch RFID Helps

In addition to improve the productivity, safety, and data collection, some passive RFID tags can even notify you if products or materials may be damaged. For example, ShockWatch RFID combines impact indicator. When RFID tracking tag is scanned, ShockWatch RFID will report its situation of the damage, for you to intervene before downstream problems occur. ShockWatch RFID is designed for package tracking with ShockWatch RFID sensor. It can be placed on any surface, no need to worry about the orientation or position of ShockWatch sensor. The ShockWatch RFID will send information wireless when it detects shock event, such as falling from height or dropped in a container by accident. This way we can track where our items are at all times, even if they’re not moving! The Shock Watch has been developed for brands that experience costly product damage during transport because products have come into contact with an unexpected impact event (i.e., collision). As shown below, Shock Watch sensors detect both linear motion events as well as rotational motion events like those that happen when Shock Watch sensors are being tossed around.

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Shockwatch RFID and sensors have been used in a variety of industries to improve the efficiency, safety, data collection, and quality control. The ShockWatch RFID sensor is designed for package tracking with ShockWatch RFID tags that can be placed on any surface without worrying about orientation or position. If you’re considering using this type of passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag for your warehouse management system or other applications contact us today! If you have any questions feel free to ask!