WarmMark alerts of unacceptable temperature conditions

What is WarmMark

WarmMark , also known as temperature sensor, cold chain indicator, is a device alerting users of exposure to unacceptable temperature conditions and cumulative amount of time above the threshold during shipping and administration.

The single-use and ascending time-temperature indicator could turn red once the cold chain shipment gets too warm.

WarmMark Temperature Indicator

How can WarmMark help you?

There are always potential pitfalls and risks if things go wrong in transit. Refrigeration equipment is not always reliable, and temperature can vary in a trailer or warehouse. There may be lots of handlers dealing with your products during the distribution process, possibly enduring unexpected delays and substandard storage.

Therefore, it’s important to ship your products safely with WarmMark not only to protect them from damage, but maintain the cold chain throughout.

WarmMark alerts of unacceptable temperature conditions

(1) Save money with the temperature sensor

If the products are kept at the wrong temperature during shipping, the potency and effectiveness could be damaged. And the costs of production and shipping will definitely be on the rise. With the cost-effective device, WarmMark, you can well monitor all the temperature-sensitive products, and avoid damage claims.

(2) Maintain the reputation

Generally speaking, recipients tend to believe the goods would arrive safe and sound. Nevertheless, if the product was delivered ineffective, it’s much more likely that you would lose their trust and ruin your reputation. What’s worse, your competitors could win your customers from you. WarmMark could help maintain your good reputation by monitoring the goods from start to finish.

WarmMark alerts of unacceptable temperature conditions

(3) Provides irreversible evidence

Since the WarmMark is a tamper proof device, once an unexpected situation occurs, you would get accurate and irreversible evidence of a temperature excursion. With all the information you gather from the sensors, you can make smarter decisions across your cold chain.

(4) Provides cost-effective monitoring for last mile shipments

When shipping pharmaceuticals, vaccines, chemicals, and other temperature-sensitive products that couldn’t bear temperature fluctuation during storage and distribution, you would need the tamperproof cold chain indicator to know if your goods are compromised because of unacceptably high temperature conditions during transit so that the quality and safety of the product is guaranteed.

WarmMark alerts of unacceptable temperature conditions

How to use WarmMark?

(1) Before arming the WarmMark, make sure all the breach windows should be white, which means they are not activated due to temperature fluctuations.

(2) Place the WarmMark time temperature indicator in an environment at lease 5°C (9°F) below the activation threshold temperature for a minimum of 30 minutes.

(3) Fold up and pull out the activation tab.

(4) To avoid early activation, place WarmMark in the environment to be monitored at once.

(5) Affix the indicator to a clean and dry surface that could be visible to the recipients of the shipment.

WarmMark alerts of unacceptable temperature conditions

What will be the applications of WarmMark?

With WarmMark , cold chain logistics can be effectively improved in lots of industries. The applications of the indicators help prevent disastrous effects from happening when shipping the temperature-sensitive products. The following is the list of some of the applications of WarmMark .

WarmMark alerts of unacceptable temperature conditions

.Test specimens
.Test specimens
.Test kits
.Medical samples and assays
.Tissue samples
.Meal delivery
.Raw and cooked meats