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Think you got your package safe and sound? Congratulations, we hope not! Most packages travel to their destination upright. Boxes are stacked one on top of the other in a large truck or trailer for shipping. You can’t always see what’s going on inside them while they’re moving around from place to place; that means it could be easy for an unfortunate event like tipping over during shipment – with no real way to tell if this happened until someone opens up the box at delivery time.

What Is Tip N Tell Indicator?

The Tip N Tell tilt indicator is used to determine if goods have been tilted during transportation. When the tip tilts 45° left or right, a blue light turns on and can’t be turned off again. This function ensures that consignees will know whether their shipment has taken any damage when they are opened for inspection.

How Does Tip N Tell Work?

Tip N Tell is more than just a simple blue powder that starts sliding when the angle of your cargo changes. This clever invention uses two different windows, one viscous and sticky to hold onto any excess powder (like glue), while an angled slope with gravity does all the work in distributing it evenly along its pathway. It’s easy for you to tell if anything has been tilted without having to tilt yourself!

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How to Use Tip N Tell Indicator Label?

Tip: To use the indicator label, follow these easy steps!

The first step is to tear off the tape behind and keep it upward (do not shake or tilt).

Next, paste it on your goods. Finally remove the strip on left side of sensor near edge. You can apply labels one sided for single detection only and 360° protection when applied with a second sticker as an added safety measure – but make sure that you cover both sides at all times so they will work properly!

Tip N Tell Price

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If you’re looking for a way to monitor the safety of your packages during shipping, Tip N Tell is an innovative solution that will provide peace of mind. The sensor attaches securely onto any box and can be set up with two modes – Monitor mode sends alerts when something abnormal happens while Attach Mode ensures it’s still attached properly. With this tool on hand, you’ll always know if there has been an incident of accidental tipping or anything else that might happen inside transit!

If you want to be sure that your goods are not being damaged during transport, then it’s important for the packaging material and container itself to remain intact. However, even if both of these items do their job well, there is still a chance that something might go wrong while in transit. This is why we invented Tip N Tell tilt indicator labels! These ingenious stickers work by using an arrow on them so they can indicate if anything has been tilted as it was transported from one spot to another. They’re easy-to-use too; all you have to do is peel off the backing and stick them onto any surface like paperboard or plastic (or whatever type of packing materials you use) before loading up the goods into the container.