How can I safely ship fragile LCD screens or TVs with Impact Indicator 2?

What causes shipping damage to LCD screens/TVs?

As a provider of world-class display solutions, our goal is to meet the diverse needs of various viewing applications. Consequently, we offer a range of LCD screens, including LCD video walls, LCD TVs, and large format LCD displays, available in different sizes. These products boast highly sensitive screens, intricate electrical components, and delicate anti-reflection coatings on the glass surface. Due to their intricate nature, once an LCD screen is damaged, it cannot be repaired; it must be replaced.

To ensure the safe transit of these products, it is imperative that handlers exercise extreme caution. Avoiding any form of physical impact, vibration, or rough handling is essential to prevent potential damage. Even the slightest mishandling can result in cracked glass or other malfunctions, which can lead to costly consequences. Therefore, meticulous care during transportation is paramount to maintaining the integrity of our delicate LCD screens and ensuring they arrive in pristine condition to our valued customers.

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How to protect LCD screens and TVs from shipping damage?

To ensure the protection of our delicate LCD products during shipping, we sought a reliable solution by implementing Impact Indicator 2. Initially, we applied Impact Indicator 2 to a select portion of our shipped items, and we were pleased to witness a notable 58% decrease in the rate of damage. Recognizing the effectiveness of this approach, we swiftly established a new policy mandating the use of Impact Indicator 2 on every single one of our shipments. This proactive measure has significantly enhanced the safety of our products in transit and reflects our commitment to delivering quality LCD products to our customers.

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What is Impact Indicator 2?

Impact Indicator 2 is reliable and tamper-proof mechanical devices that play a crucial role in our shipment monitoring system. Impact Indicator 2 offer an efficient means of detecting impacts during transit. One of their notable advantages is their conspicuousness – they are easily visible to handlers at first glance. This immediate visual cue alerts handlers to exercise additional care and caution when handling the item, helping us further ensure the safe delivery of our products to customers.

Even in cases of shipping damage, we can obtain indisputable evidence to identify the responsible party.

Impact Indicator 2


In conclusion, Impact Indicator 2 offers the most cost-effective and straightforward approach to reduce damage rates and associated costs. If you encounter similar challenges, we highly recommend considering Impact Indicator 2 as a solution.