How to Achieve Better Outcome with Air Freight Shipping

Many businesses these days are looking for ways to save money. And while that’s a great thing, it can lead you down the wrong path if not done correctly. One way to reduce costs is by shipping your products with air freight shipping companies like FedEx or UPS. These carriers offer lower rates than other services and their service is usually top notch too! However, this method does come with its drawbacks – one of which being that you’ll need to plan ahead because there’s no telling when these shipments will arrive at their destination (usually within 2-5 days). But don’t let this deter you from thinking about air freight shipping as an option for your business; often times the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in the long run!

What is Consolidated Air Freight Shipping?

One way to reduce costs is strategy; use consolidation and help ensure reliable service with high-quality capacity you need in order not be charged more than necessary per kilogram or volumetric weight based on gross weight of the shipment.

For example if I had an object that weighed 50kgs then the price would be calculated differently depending whether it was going by Kgs/km which means its approximately cheaper by sea LCL since there’s no speed factor included when doing calculations however this does depend upon what shipper needs his goods delivered within 2 days time frame as opposed to standard ground which takes longer than LCL.

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What is Express Air Freight Shipping?

Expedited air freight service is the fastest mode of transportation. Expedited shipping can also come with a next departure flight, which means that your cargo will be on its way soon! Sometimes these services are inevitable and necessary–even when you might think otherwise because unexpected delays happen in production for example customer pressure caused by seasonal demand or other such reasons; still make sure to check out all possibilities before deciding if expediting would work best with regards to assembly time frames at this point.

How to Maximize The Advantages Of Your Air Freight Options?

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Air carriers offer you the opportunity to save money by loading your goods onto fewer pallets. This lowers costs and increases efficiency, saving time in transit while increasing overall safety for all parties involved with consolidated air freight shipping.

Airline consolidation is done on behalf of customers so they can increase rates; however it also comes at an expense-time spent waiting during inspections as well as any fees associated from third party inspection service providers like SGS which may be more expensive then what was originally anticipated.


Airfreight is a great way to ship large, bulky items. But before you make the decision on which shipment method will work best for your needs and budgeting requirements (i.e., expedited air freight vs combined), it’s important that both sides of this equation are accounted for with informed decisions made accordingly throughout all stages from order placement through delivery time frame.