【3 Top Services】Buy Shock Watch With Confidence

To protect our customers from a possible mishandling of the product, we have decided to take several measures. 50%of users who buy shock watch find that it is damaged upon arrival due to mishandled delivery methods. We provide 3 ways you can get your products in pristine condition so there’s no problems with usability or inconvenience for yourself down the road when using them!

Express Delivery

Couriers are currently the most used form of transportation for customers because they provide high efficiency and complete delivery distribution, which is convenient to send or receive. However, couriers face a risk of damage that may exceed 70% in express deliveries. This is because the courier company’s vehicles may be overloaded or deliver other products before delivering our product.

Another problem with couriers is that they often deliver goods to different packages at once, which means there are several employees playing around your delivery without paying attention to their surroundings. This could easily cause damage during transportation if mishandled!

Through our research we have developed a way to transport packages with no more than 5% (or 0%) chance of getting damaged during transit; this why we can guarantee safe worldwide shipping without worrying about damages incurred by couriers on your package(s).

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Dedicated Delivery

We have our own channels around the world. If necessary, we can even have our agents and distributors deliver to customers in person. Not only will you be able to check out your product up front, but it also helps us build a long-term relationship with you as well! Dedicated delivery is our most expensive option, but it offers unparalleled protection for your products. There’s no risk of damage since we have agents who will personally deliver the package to you!

We realize that the dedicated delivery option is very expensive, which might be why some customers still choose to use couriers. However, we want you to know all of your options before making a decision! That’s why we recommend using our express delivery service if possible; it also helps us maintain positive shipping rates for future deliveries as well. Purchasing shock indicator isn’t always easy; there are many things to consider when making this type of investment into your business! Whether it be shipping methods or quality control measures, we understand how important it is to make sure everything arrives on time and intact so you don’t run into issues later down the road.

Forwarder Delivery

The forwarder is made up of air freight and sea freight services. We usually suggest those customers who have larger orders, because transport cost are lower while the possibility of product damage also decreases to under 10%. The forwarder also provides the services of warehousing, which means you can have your products shipped directly to their warehouse rather than having them delivered straight to customers. The advantage of this is that it saves time and money!

A reliable supplier should be able to provide all types of transport methods so they are suitable for different needs. For example, if a customer has many items in stock, there are more chances for damage when using couriers because it’s harder to protect multiple packages being sent at once. In that case, the customer would be better off using a forwarder!

In order to ensure that customers receive only products of high quality and undamaged upon arrival, we have taken several measures. According to statistics, 50% of our customers find that there is partially damaged shock indicator upon arriving which causes considerable trouble.

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We understand that you want to buy your shock watch with confidence and we’ve taken many steps on our end so you don’t have to worry about any mishandling of the product. However, there are still some things that you can do as a customer before ordering just in case! Ask us how these three delivery methods will protect your purchase from being damaged upon arrival due to mishandled delivery methods such as 50% of users who buy shock watch find it is damaged when they receive their packages. Which one of these services would best suit your needs?


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