Choose Air Freight When Shipping

Air freight is a popular choice when shipping goods. It’s often chosen as an option for those who need to ship their cargo in short time frames, or when the value of the cargo is high and the volume comparatively low. Air freight services are provided by airlines that pick up your goods from origin (e.g., warehouse, factory, office), load them into trucks/vans and take them to the airport where they’re loaded onto planes which fly them to their destination city. Here, customs will clear your cargo before it’s unloaded from the plane and put on a truck/van for delivery to its final destination!

Air Freight Significance

Air freight is the preferred option of many shippers when they need their goods delivered quickly and with high value. Air cargo has been proven to contribute positively towards global economic development, creating millions jobs for those who depend on it as an integral part in trade across countries around world; especially considering how much money passes through its hands each year!

How Does Air Freight Work

Air shipping has many different applications. It’s an important method of transportation for everything from pharmaceutical shipments that need temperature control, to spare parts needing quick delivery times and high value electronics with low shelf life – all the way down through daily necessities like foodstuffs as well as luxury items such as fine wines!

In air shipping, your goods will be picked up from the origin and taken to an airport. Here they’ll check in before loading onto a plane or other cargo carrier for their journey across country borders!

It’s not easy to get your goods from A-Z, but it is worth the effort. The process seems straightforward with some complexities that can be daunting like managing flight schedules or booking cargo space on flights for all those packages!

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Why Choose Air Freight

The most well-known benefit of air freight is time! Here are some other main reasons why air freight proves to be beneficial to you.

Shipped In Time

We all know this! When the shipper requires his goods to be delivered quickly, air freight is chosen. It is one of the fastest options available when the distance between the origin and destination is large and the time at hand is short.

Reliable Shipping Time

When we are talking about timely delivery of goods, regardless of destination, air freight is the most important thing. Airlines rarely change their schedules at the last minute, except in emergencies or changes in government plans, such as during the Covid-19 pandemic ; however, you can rely on the delivery time suggested by the carrier or freight forwarder.

Easy to Track

Taking into account the fixed flight schedule, air freight can flexibly track the entire process of your cargo from departure to delivery.

Batter Cargo Security

In air transportation, compared with sea and land transportation, there are fewer loading and unloading points for the goods, thus reducing the risk of loss, theft or damage to the goods. In addition, given that airports have strict security guidelines and faster customs clearance procedures, this makes air freight a safer cargo option.

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Air Freight Carriers Types

You can transport almost anything by air freight, from simple envelopes to huge and heavy equipment. Of course, these carrier types will be different-due to their weight/volume.

Commercial Airlines

Commercial airplanes carrying passengers can also transport your cargo on pallets or containers. It can prove cost-effective, but it has its own set of restrictions. Depending on the type of aircraft-narrow-body or wide-body, only cargo of a specific size/weight is allowed.


Freighter is designed to transport goods. This means you can move small cargo or even heavy equipment-depending on space availability. Since there are no passengers on the plane, they can also carry dangerous goods and allow air transport. Freighters come in various sizes, the largest of which can carry approximately 26,000 cubic feet of cargo.

Charter Flights

They are the best choice when you need to meet the urgent delivery time of critical goods or want to ship to remote areas. Charter flights are exclusively used to transport your goods and are expensive.

Depending on your requirement and your cargo, one of the three types of carriers will be used.


If you’ve been considering your shipping options and air freight is something that has caught your attention, we hope this blog post helped to demystify the process. Air Freight Significance- It can be an excellent option for many shippers who need their cargo delivered quickly with high value. There are a lot of applications for airfreight services which is why it’s so beneficial. We’ve covered three main reasons why air freight proves to be advantageous in the transportation industry as well as some different types of carriers available depending on what type of goods you’re moving around!