Impact Indicator 2

Impact Indicator 2, similar to ShockWatch 2 indicator, dual-directionally indicates your product has been subjected to drops/impacts while in storage or transit, which prevents mishandling and lowers damage-related expenses. Impact Indicator 2 is tamper-proof, field armable, and mechanically activated from white to bright red when impacted/dropped.

Each Impact Indicator 2 has a unique identity and QR code to support traceability.

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Impact Indicator 2 has been shown to reduce damage by 40-60%.

Impact Indicator 2 is affix to the outside of the shipment’s packaging to visually inform anyone handling the item that extra caution is needed. A single-use go/no-go tool called Impact Indicator 2 can tell whether or not delicate goods have been dropped while being transported or stored. Impact Indicator 2 is a field-armable, bi-directional, vertical response impact indicator that prevents activations during shipping.

Once mishandling occurs during the shipment and handling cycle, Impact Indicator 2 keeps track of it as a permanent record. By signaling when products have been exposed to a potentially detrimental impact during transit, Impact Indicator 2 discourages mishandling and lowers damage-related costs, often for larger, heavier products.

How do you use Impact Indicator 2?

Impact Indicator 2 can be applied to the package or component before it is shipped by simply peeled off its adhesive backing. If the package is red when it is delivered, an impact that exceeded the allowed limit threshold has been applied to it. It may have been dropped or become loose while being sent.

Which Impact Indicator 2 will work best for me?

Choose an Impact Indicator 2 based on the weight and size of your shipment from the Selection Guide below. Impact Indicator 2 is available in 7 g levels or sensitivities, as well as in 7 different colors. Always use the selection guidance simply as a starting point. Product fragility and packaging will also be taken into account when determining which Impact Indicator 2 is suitable for your application.

Impact Indicator 2 Selection Guide ShockWatch 2



Companion Labels are recommended for use with the indicator as additional tools that increase the visibility or the handling requirements of your package.

The companion label is free of charge.

Impact Indicator 2 Mounting Instructions

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